Alright, I met Howard, of a concrete raising, when I found him on his hands and knees in my driveway repairing a small little cap were the HOA had contracted to fix the walkway and the dry way, and of course we struck up a conversation and low and behold, he’s the owner of the company, who came out here to follow up on a very minor issue, and he saw on his hands and knees fixing it so we started talking about Mudjacking, something I was not familiar with at all, and something which he is very familiar with ’cause apparently he’s been doing it for 30 plus years and I started talking to him about the possibility of mudjacking my garage here, which apparently had been done 15 years ago and I had been done very poorly, and he showed me, explained to me why it was done poorly what was going on and, every single question I had with regard to Mud-jacking he had an answer to and a great answer. At one point I brought up a new company that I had seen at the Denver Home Show, that was touting some new fanged dangled way of mudjacking with poly something or plastic something as a post of traditional mudjacking.

He goes to his car, and he whips out a textbook.

But the thing was a geology textbook and I think he turned to the page who where a professor from the School of Mines, addressed the new fang-dangled Mud-jacking and why it was not good, and why traditional mud jacking was great. And boy, the man had an answer for everything, so he looked at what I was doing here and he measured and he said Okay, this is gonna take so much time, it’s gonna take so much money and when you’re ready, let me know. No hard sell, no pushiness just good old-fashioned salesmanship.

So when the time came, I contracted him, he said he was gonna be out here at 7 am with his truck, he shows up here at 7 AM with his behemoth of a truck, his I think is a nephew. Trevor was there and they started working and when I saw that, I was down three and a half inches at some point, I was a little skeptical.

Something you’re actually gonna bring this whole garage up he goes, Yup see where that chalk line is. We’re gonna bring everything up and I’m thinking, “Okay this is, I wanna see this.”

So about three and a half hours later, he’s finished he comes out. And here’s the owner of the company who is now covered in mud, makes sense. He’s in the mud jacking business, man gets down and dirty, owner of the company at all and everything was raised. As you can see, I could not speak more highly of AAA Concrete Raising. And especially, Howard, Class act Old School looks you in the eye when he talks to you. No BS, just a decent honorable man, good people, people I like to do business with.

So if anybody in the neighborhood here ever asks me were even remotely talks about Mud-jacking, boom. I aim right at Howard, and I guess Trevor… Is gonna take over the company now, and I’m thoroughly.. if every contractor I ever hire is it to the level of professionalism of Howard? I’d be a lucky guy, but that’s not gonna happen. He’s a diamond in the rough.

– Michael B.

Concrete Leveling customer of AAA Concrete Raising Company.

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