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The owner met me to provide an estimate that checked out well against the competition. I checked his claims independently and found that the company had a high rating and that mudjacking is a better method than foam. The owner was also part of the team that did the work. They were courteous, on time, and did fantastic work. They left the work area clean. It was a great experience both in terms of service and quality.

Mike Coste

I am such a firm believer in cement versus foam. I am a real estate broker and I had AAA out to raise my own patio and front walk which was done superbly. I had a listing in Arvada and the seller had the foam raising done. Within 2 mos the seller had to call the company back and have them raise it again. Thanks AAA for doing it right the first time!

Matt Vecchiarelli

AAA Concrete Raising is as good as it gets for fixing sinking patios! I had a severely sinking patio/stairs in my backyard where it was actually getting dangerous just to step outside due to the drastic drop. I contracted with a polyurethane company to inject foam and thereby lift the concrete slabs. Big Mistake!!

If only I had read Howard’s website, I could have saved myself so much aggravation. The company I hired to do the foam injecting, drilled into the concrete but never hit dirt. They proceeded on to try to fill in the void under the concrete but wound up using over their limit on a single job and it still did not lift the concrete. The boss came on to the scene a week later and said he couldn’t complete the job due to too much foam usage. So they just walked away. I had to find a reputable company that would take on someone else’s work.

I called Howard and explained what happened. He was very kind and said he would look at it for me. Thank God he decided to give it a try and fix it. He was very honest and I felt so relieved. His expertise and knowledge not only impressed me but it got the job done. He was able to lift it at least 7 inches and it looks beautiful.

Howard is a pleasure to work with and goes above and beyond what is required. I would highly recommend AAA Concrete Raising to anyone in need of these services. This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.

Lynne T.

Several years ago my basement flooded and the floor sank several inches. Because it was considered ‘erosion’ the insurance didn’t cover it. I finally decided to get it fixed and selected a foam company to do the work. They assured me they could handle the job but that was not the case. They drilled several holes in the floor and started the process of injecting the foam. Evidently the job wasn’t going as well as they liked because after about three hours they said they couldn’t get the floor to lift without cracking and destroying it. I asked why and they said this was only the third time they had run into this type of problem. Within ten minutes they left, without patching the holes they drilled. Looking back I believe the crew just didn’t want to put in the amount of labor needed. A few people told me it was probably because they got paid by the job or they would have to use too much material. Either way I was totally disgusted with the company.

I thought I was faced with having to completely remove and replace the concrete floor, which would involve removing some interior walls. Then I called Howard and he came out and told me he could fix it. The cost was very reasonable and he and his crew came out exactly at the time he promised. They did a fantastic job! I highly recommend AAA Concrete Raising Company. I was totally satisfied!

Dewey W.

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