Do It Yourself Mudjacking: Do You Really Need a Contractor?

2018-06-07T08:30:52-07:00October 24th, 2016|

Whether it’s out on your morning walk with the dog, or on a busy downtown street, we’ve all seen or tripped over the cracked and sunken sidewalks that have settled and broken over time. In the past, the only remedy to fix uneven sidewalks was to call a professional to tear out the old cement

What is Slab Jacking?

2018-05-24T09:12:12-07:00September 26th, 2016|

For years, people everywhere have struggled to replace cracked and sunken concrete slabs around their home or business. The age-old rip-and-repour method requires a team of certified concrete professionals to bring out a truck full of supplies and large machinery, rip out the cracked and broken concrete, concoct a new cement mixture, then lay the

What is Mudjacking?

2019-03-02T10:32:58-07:00September 12th, 2016|

At some point on a leisurely walk through your neighborhood, or even after a long winter of heavy snow, you’ve probably seen cracked or broken concrete slabs in the sidewalk or driveways around your neighborhood. Over time, soil and dirt beneath the surface of concrete slabs often shifts or washes away. Settling foundations, crumbling curbs,