3 Common Concrete Issues You’ll Face

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If you own a home, you’ll face issues throughout your ownership. Whether it’s problems with the roof after a hailstorm, your garage door reaching the end of life, or your driveway starting to crack, there’s a variety of issues to take care of being aware of when you own a home or property. Let’s look

What Causes Concrete Degradation?

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Do you know what concrete degradation is? Chances are you don’t but you’ve seen it. Concrete degradation is when concrete is damaged for almost any reason, including calcium leaching, physical damage, or bacterial corrosion. While those are just some of the main reason concrete degrades, we’ll go over some of the other ways it gets

Do You Need a Contractor to Mudjack?

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Whether it’s out on your morning walk with the dog, or on a busy downtown street, we’ve all seen or tripped over the cracked and sunken sidewalks that have settled and broken over time. In the past, the only remedy to fix uneven sidewalks was to call a professional to tear out the old cement