Hi, my name is Jay and I’m a customer of AAA concrete raising in Howard. And Trevor asked me to give an endorsement. I was pleasantly surprised and really excited about doing that.

Let me start from the beginning. I called up Howard on a Thursday night. And I said Howard I need to raise my pantry and my laundry room. Would you come out and give me a bit? He said absolutely I said you work on Saturdays, he said yep. I can be there on Saturday morning. And I said well I start early and he said how about 6:30? I go perfect! So Howard shows up at 6:30 all button-down ready to go and I showed him the pantry room and the laundry room. He took his time to look at it. He says Jay, “I really need to see your garage”. I said that’s fine. I open up the door and he walked around the garage and he kneeled down and he showed me the original chalk line is about 5 – 6 inches off of what it was, and I knew I had a problem with my garage, but he explained to me so Jay we actually need to raise the garage and then that’s going to fix your pantry and your laundry room.

So I was thinking well that kind of makes sense. But my concern was, that Howard didn’t know, is I had already had a bid on the laundry room in the pantry and was $6,000 plus a rider. It could be an extra $1200. So I’m thinking this is going to be outrageously priced and then Howard showed me a book about the foam. And if you use that and the book was by James Warner and engineer the does lecturing up at Colorado School of Mines and he explained how all of its going to work, he uses natural cement and sand and that [Polyurethane] foam would fail, well the other bid that I had was foam, after talking to Howard. I believed it and then I had to ask the big question, I go Howard. How much is this going to be and he said “well, buddy”. He said “it’s going to be under $3,000”.

And I shook his hand right at the time. We signed the agreement, and I said now I have a hot water heater going in to the, uh the pantry and that’s one of the reasons it needs to be raised. Hey said I can do it Wednesday morning. I said fantastic! So, Wednesday morning Howard and Trevor show up in the biggest truck. I have ever seen, this thing is like literally a monster truck and here is Howard, the owner, family-owned not only did the bid. He’s ready to do the work, and I said “Howard this is the biggest truck I’ve ever seen” and he laughed and he said it’s three times bigger than our competitor ’cause we never know how hungry it’s going to be under that slat. So they got to work. They showed me how everything was going to happen it was absolutely amazing. They drilled little holes in the cement and they started on the corner and build it up and you can’t even see where those holes are at anymore, and then they got to the pantry and the laundry room and finished it off.

It is absolutely amazing, that night all our doors worked again! We were able to put down beautiful flooring and I can’t thank Howard and Trevor enough. I’ve had a lot of work done on my home, I’ve never tipped anybody, believe me. I said guys I am buying you lunch. So if you’re even thinking about doing any kind of concrete work, or you have a slab or you’re thinking about any of that call Howard and Trevor first, family-owned, great price, unbelievable craftsmanship and you will not be disappointed and I understand now why they have all these five star ratings about the quality of work that they do.

– Jay

Concrete Leveling customer of AAA Concrete Raising Company.

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