The world seems to be full of a myriad of materials that serve us and serve us well. With so many different types of materials available, you may wonder why certain things are built from certain things.

There is one building material that permeates our everyday lives and may even be the lifeline from the street to your home. We’re talking about the concrete in your driveway. So, with all the building materials available, why are driveways made of concrete? Let’s look at some of the different qualities behind concrete that make it such a popular choice for driveways.

So, Why Are Driveways Made of Concrete?

Concrete is Affordable

Concrete is the not the cheapest material available for driveway construction, but when you couple the cost and qualities of concrete when compared to other materials, it’s easy to see you can get a lot of bang for your buck with concrete. Cost compared to benefits makes concrete one of the most popular construction materials for driveways across the country.

Concrete is Tough

When you think of terms that you associate with the term tough, concrete is likely high on that list. Concrete is made with different formulas so while one style may be tougher than another, it’s still always concrete and it’s still always tough. The ability to withstand vehicle weight, temperature changes and more make concrete one of the toughest materials available for driveways on the market right now.

Concrete Lasts

As was mentioned earlier, there are plenty of driveway materials that may be cheaper than concrete but take a look at their average lifespan. Concrete driveways regularly last 20 to 30 and even upwards of 50 years. Having your driveway replaced is a major pain to any homeowner, so that’s why many homeowners and builders alike choose concrete for its staying power.

There’s a reason that many driveways are made of concrete. Concrete is affordable, tough, and can serve you and your home for years to come. Those qualities and more make concrete a great choice for just about any homeowner. If you’re interested in getting a concrete driveway installed, talk to AAA Concrete Raising today.

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