For years, people everywhere have struggled to replace cracked and sunken concrete slabs around their home or business. The age-old rip-and-repour method requires a team of certified concrete professionals to bring out a truck full of supplies and large machinery, rip out the cracked and broken concrete, concoct a new cement mixture, then lay the concrete slab brand new. This process takes a lot of manpower, materials and time.

So, What is Slab Jacking?

A newer method is rapidly growing in popularity. Slabjacking, also referred to as mudjacking is a widely used process that replaces the typical rip-and-repour method with a much simpler and innovative technique that reduces cost, time and labor.

Rather than replacing broken and sunken concrete, slabjacking is the process of lifting the concrete slab back to its original form. The process takes place by strategically drilling small holes into the surface of a cracked concrete slab. Next, a professional slabjacker will pump a mixture of concrete and soil into the holes, filling any void beneath the surface that caused the slab to fall or crack. Within minutes after the void is filled, the slab will begin to lift, due to the pressure of the mixture being pumped underneath it. Once the slab is lifted and back to its original state, the small holes are patched, and the slab is good as new.

Can Anyone Do Slab Jacking?

Slabjacking should only be done by a professional. The technique is simpler than mixing and laying new concrete, but that does not mean that the process is easy. Understanding the right places and way to drill the holes, the correct mixture to pump below the concrete, and the proper amount of pressure required to lift the slab without causing further cracking, are all elements that a professional knows and understands so you don’t have to.

Don’t spend another day looking at that sunken concrete slab in the driveway. Contact AAA Concrete Raising today and see if slabjacking is the right solution for you.

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