Whether it’s out on your morning walk with the dog, or on a busy downtown street, we’ve all seen or tripped over the cracked and sunken sidewalks that have settled and broken over time. In the past, the only remedy to fix uneven sidewalks was to call a professional to tear out the old cement slabs and pour new ones.

This expensive and time-consuming process of “rip-and-repour” has been replaced with a simpler process called mudjacking. Mudjacking, also commonly referred to as slab jacking has long been a messy procedure that was used typically only by highway and heavy industry contractors to lift and level cracked, sunken, and uneven pavement. Innovative technologies have transformed this once cumbersome task into a viable alternative to rip-and-repour.

Do It Yourself Mudjacking: When Do You Need Help?

Now used for domestic sidewalks, stoops, and slab foundations, mudjacking is a reputable option for any home or business owner. For your personal safety, and that of those who travel in and out of the affected areas, repairing broken and sunken sidewalk slabs has many benefits.

Determine Your Need

The first step in deciding if you need mudjacking is to determine the severity of the concrete cracks you’re hoping to repair. Small cracks that are not harmful to people or the environment could be a lesser need than slabs that are posing a potential threat to those that cross over them. This does not mean that small cracks should be overlooked. Like any repair, catching and treating the problem early could save you time and money in the long run. Determining your need for mudjacking is the first thing to consider when addressing whether or not you need a contractor to mudjack.

Weigh the Process, Literally

Mudjacking is much simpler than rip-and-repour, but it’s important to weigh every factor of the process before hiring a contractor to mudjack. In any case, hiring someone to complete a job is often more financially expensive than doing the project yourself. What many people fail to consider is the cost of things like time, materials, learning, replacement materials if things go wrong, and the cost of hiring a contractor to fix the mess you’ve made if your DIY efforts fail. Mudjacking is a technique that takes proper tools, materials, and skills. While it might make financial sense to mudjack the concrete yourself, there are a lot of other factors that could make even more sense with the help of a mudjacking contractor.

Mudjacking is a contemporary fix to that old broken and cracked concrete. Learn the facts about what it takes to properly mudjack, and when in doubt, hire AAA Concrete Raising to help you weigh your options, and complete your cement project correctly.

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