Have you ever had to replace your concrete driveway or sidewalk? It’s a pain in the butt. Concrete is strong, durable, looks great, and can last for decades but it’s not invincible. The keyword in the previous sentence is can last for decades – but that will take some work on your part. It’s tough to imagine dead stone requires upkeep, but with proper cleaning and maintenance techniques your concrete will last much longer and look better than if you sit in your living room and let the elements have at it. Let’s learn what homeowners need to know to care for and clean their concrete correctly.

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Concrete

Regular Care

Your concrete can benefit from regular cleaning. The good news is that cleaning your concrete is a twice-annual chore at most and will help keep your concrete looking great. Most homeowners can get a good cleaning with a rough push brush and soapy water. Just fill up the bucket with a soapy solution and get scrubbing with an outdoor synthetic brush on your sidewalks, driveway, or patio. Don’t worry about how hard you push; the concrete can handle it. You can find concrete soap at your local home improvement store.

If it’s been a while since your concrete has been cleaned, you may need more than soapy water and elbow grease. For deeply stained concrete or concrete covered in organic matter – you’ll need the power of a power washer. You can rent power washers at your local home improvement store, be careful not to worsen any previous damage with a power washer’s powerful stream.

Spot and Stain Cleaning

You don’t have to scrub the whole driveway or sidewalk when you get a spot stain – but it will take some elbow grease too. Small or fresh stains may only take some baking soda and effort. More severe or set-in stains will need the help of commercial oil spot cleaning solution. These solutions can be purchased online or at a local home improvement store.

For both types of stains use a steel brush and bucket of hot water. For small stains scrub the stain with a baking soda and water paste until it comes out, rinse with water. Follow the instructions for any commercial concrete stain remover – and wear safety equipment. Concrete spot cleaner can be caustic – use caution.


Directly after cleaning is the best time to seal your concrete. Sealing puts a protective film over the top layer of concrete that can help combat UV damage and the elements to keep your concrete looking great for several more years.

You can pick up concrete sealant at your local home improvement store, but most trust resealing to AAA Concrete Raising. Resealing can be a tedious job and ineffective if not done correctly, so hiring a professional is recommended.

It’s funny when you think about ‘caring’ for your concrete, but this mix of stone and substrate needs TLC like any other feature on your property. Maintaining your concrete includes regular cleaning, spot cleaning, and resealing as necessary.

If you ever have concrete questions or aren’t sure what you’re doing, let a professional look at the issue. Start your maintenance and care plan with AAA Concrete Raising’s opinion and take care of it from there. Your concrete will thank you by looking bright and crack-free for years.

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