Is Mudjacking On the Way Out?

Who do you call when you have a sunken panel or sunken concrete on your property? For years, there was only the choice of removing and replacing the concrete or utilizing a mudjacking service. Mudjacking has been around for approximately 50 years and is a much easier (and cheaper) technique to fixing sunken panels instead of removing and replacing.

Today, you have the choice of utilizing a foam concrete leveling company to raise your concrete instead of mudjacking. The two techniques are similar, but foam leveling companies use polyurethane foam to raise the concrete in contrast with the slurry used by mudjacking companies.

Polyurethane foam has many advantages over traditional mudjacking, so why does mudjacking exist anymore. Is it a dying industry?

So, Is Mudjacking on the Way Out?

The foam utilized by concrete raising and levelling companies is less messy than mudjacking slurry, has been shown to fill the void beneath sunken panels more effectively, is less labor intensive, and foam is much lighter than mudjacking slurry, meaning that will have less of an impact on the property, so why aren’t all mudjacking companies switching to foam?

Like everything else in the business world, it comes down to cost.

Mudjacking is not a new industry. Tools are available, and techniques and other resources for mudjacking have dropped in cost as the industry has matured. In contrast, foam raising is new, having only been around for approximately 20 years.

Part of those 20 years, foam leveling was a patented technology, so it was difficult for others to develop the tools and techniques. That early age and lack of development still affect prices of foam leveling to today. Homeowners can use mudjacking services at approximately $20/cubic yard while polyurethane foam leveling can cost upwards of $150/cubic yard.

For now, the sheer cost and difficulty in obtaining polyurethane foam equipment mean that mudjacking isn’t going away. As the technologies develop and more contractors get into the foam leveling arena, costs are likely to go down, and the industry will grow more popular.

No matter which technique you use, raising concrete will almost always be cheaper than replacing it.

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